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LIsa Tan
United States
Post # 10
11.07.2008 | 15:05

Dear Mr. Chu:

I am just passing by your web site. (Had too much coffee, so couldn't sleep. :p) I really like your style of photography. So peaceful and elegant. Wish you were in the United States because I really want to have a set of photos of myself before 30 years old. Lol. I will come back for more of your photos. smile

Warmest regards, Lisa.
Ivan Tsang
Hong Kong
Post # 9
20.05.2008 | 12:34

真的十分喜愛你在老撾的系列..相中小孩子的面孔.真的令我感覺很深.. Thanks !


Thanks Ivan. 很開心有朋友喜歡老撾, 很開心還有過路人.
xiang yy
Hong Kong
Post # 8
20.04.2008 | 22:07

尋找一些老撾的資料,就看了你的遊記和照片。對你的西藏遊記和照片感受最深, 我在02年暑假也曾到了西藏一趟,從格耳木坐汽車入藏,走的行程應該跟你差不 多,看著你的照片讓我再一次遊歷西藏。很愛你拍的藏族孩子的照片,每張笑臉都 顯出藏人的純樸,率性的一面。
Kim Chan
Post # 7
28.03.2008 | 23:43



Hi Kim,

你的澳門生活好嗎? 我最近因為工作而忙得死去活來似的, 連拿相機的力氣也沒有, 放心吧, I will be back very soon, Thanks for you support ^^
Simon C
Hong Kong
Post # 6
14.02.2008 | 13:13

Kung Hei Fat Choi Mr. Chu. Must get together sometime it's been a long while.
Kim Chan
Post # 5
30.01.2008 | 23:28

我番左hk過節了~ 但番到黎又好似無乜野做咁~ 點都好~黎同你講聲新年快樂~! 希望新的一年你可以影得更多相!
Kiki Yun
Post # 4
20.01.2008 | 21:23

travellife看到你在老挝拍的照片,所以也来了这边! 很开心九寨沟让你重新拿起相机,四川是我的家乡哦~有心,有相机,就会有靓相 !
Ben Ho
Hong Kong
Post # 3
11.01.2008 | 12:12

Long Time No see, When will have a dinner together? Are you still using SLR
Kim Chan
Post # 2
26.12.2007 | 18:34

你好!聖誕快樂 我的聖誕還左溫習的日子渡過,boxing day我還要考~~元旦也沒有得過了 唉~~真衰 點都好~~~啦~~ 你又去左旅行啊? 我想問下你去鳳凰用左幾銀? 暑假同朋友去左桂林 打算今年都係北上,鳳凰會是首選


Hi Kim, 去鳳凰最貴只是機票,住宿食用很便宜,大約是佰多元一天,當然唔計你shopping啦,快d起行啦,唔係遲d果度有StarBucks就慘啦^^ 係呀,我0岩0岩去左個短trip, 比個腦放下假咁囉~ 2008新年快樂~~~~
Remscheid | Deutschland
Post # 1
09.03.2018 | 02:30

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